AdInfoSys Management Institute is managed by Artashes Arakelyan, PhD, a local government infrastructure management specialist and mathematician with over than 35 years of experience in developing local government infrastructure, including traffic management, urban transport, solid waste management, and other utilities in Armenia. During his years of extensive expertise Dr Arakelyan has been involved as a Local Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader in numerous projects in the field of infrastructure management, urban transport development, traffic management and road safety funded by such international donor organizations as ADB, World Bank, USAID, EU, MCC and others, providing specialist input with regards to legal and regulatory frameworks related to infrastructure management (housing/condominiums, Solid Waste Management, waste water, urban transport, traffic management and road safety), organization and management of corresponding data collection, in association with such well known international consulting companies as SweRoad International (Sweden), Mott MacDonald (UK), ICMA (USA), Urban Institute (USA), ReDAM, ALG (Spain), WYG (UK), Sweco Int. (Sweden), etc.

The Company employees have been engaged in a series of various international and local projects funded by WB, ADB, USAID and other international donor organizations. AdInfoSys team consists of highly experienced specialists and experts in the areas of transport and urban development planning, program management and capacity building, institutional strengthening, Solid Waste Management, design and construction supervision, etc. The team comprises of the following specialists who ensure successful accomplishment of assignment tasks:

  • Engineering Team, including Road Engineers, Pavement and Materials Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Hydrology, Drainage and Hydro Geology Engineers, SWM Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Cost Estimators, etc
  • Construction Supervision Team, including engineers, site supervisors and team coordinators
  • Diligence and Safeguard Specialists, including Environmental Specialists, Social Safeguards Specialists, Resettlement Specialists, Financial Management, Contract and Procurement Specialists, Accountants and Economists, etc
  • Program Management Specialists, including Human Resources and Training Specialists, Legal Specialists, etc
  • Planning Specialists, including Urban Transport, Traffic Management and Parking Engineers, Transport Modellers, Road Safety Specialists, etc
  • Institutional and Reform Specialists, PPP and Marketing Specialists
  • Information and Communication Specialists
  • Administrative Support Staff, Translators/Interpreters, Draftsmen, Computer Specialists etc.