AdInfoSys MI represents a solid knowledge of and extensive experience in consulting services in the following areas:


  • development of effective management structures, including regulating documents and management systems in the spheres of governance, social, economy, transport, public services (housing, water supply and irrigation, solid waste management, waste water treatment), etc.
  • development of urban transport policy for Yerevan, road safety strategy for Armenia and Yerevan
  • development of recommendations on improvement of the level of organization of activities of governance systems of various levels and various branches of economy in line with the changes observed in social-economic and political aspects, as well as in the public administration system
  • development of MIS and introduction of management systems in the spheres of local government, social-economy, science, education and culture


  • Transport ¬†sector ¬†reorganization
  • development of urban transport policy
  • Development urban transport route network
  • development of recommendations on¬†Integrated tariff and ticketing system, reform of concessionary fares and
    subsidy System


  • planning of urban and rural development
  • technical due diligence of infrastructures
  • integrated engineering solution for road and bridge design, water supply and irrigation systems and other infrastructures
  • preparation of design documents according to European and Armenian standards (roads and bridges, hydro-engineering)
  • construction supervision and design control
  • supervision of Defects Liability Period
  • planning and analysis of transport systems
  • quantity and cost estimates
  • preparation of schemes for organization of construction works
  • etc


  • public transport surveys, including passenger (boarding/alighting, visual occupancy, etc.) and household surveys
  • traffic counts (counts and analysis of the existing traffic flow, forecasts of traffic flow by types of vehicles and public transport modes, etc)
  • traffic management and road safety (road safety design and audits, signage and markings, etc)
  • surveys on local services such as water supply and irrigation, waste water, heat supply, solid waste management (SWM)
  • detailed measurement surveys
  • site investigations
  • geotechnical and hydro geological surveys
  • archaeological surveys
  • topographical, hydrological and hydraulic studies
  • materials surveys and other in-situ and laboratory testing
  • etc


AdInfoSys Management Institute is well familiar to ADB, WB and other IFI guidelines and Safeguard polices and has proven experience in preparation of environmental assessment and resettlement action plans for road construction and public transport projects, water supply and irrigation systems.

Within a number of IFI financed project the Company conducted a wide range of environmental surveys and studies:

  • environmental and social impact assessment
  • preparation of land acquisition and resettlement frameworks and plans
  • environmental management and monitoring plans
  • calculation of ERR and Benefit-Cost Ratio
  • climate data and climate conditions (air temperature, air humidity, precipitations and snow cover, erosion, etc)
  • land characteristics
  • site evaluation visits and identification of sensitive receptors of infrastructure construction works
  • topsoil stockpiling and dumping of excavated waste
  • preparation of evaluation reports and site-specific management plans on proper management of impacted natural recourses
  • air quality, noise and vibration monitoring
  • public hearings, consultations and presentations on environmental and resettlement issues relating to various infrastructure projects


  • administration and management (financial management, procurement and contract management) of a large number of international and local projects of various spheres funded both by RA Government and IFIs
  • training of, consultation and information services to such target groups as state officials, local authorities, populations (citizens), urban and rural communities, condominiums, general public and private companies
  • preparation and publishing of training and teaching, methodical and other materials and guide-books